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Back Lift Surgery in Mexico

Back lift in Mexico is a surgical procedure that aims at removing excess skin folds over and under the bra line.

Also known as bra line back lift, back lift is a plastic surgery treatment in Mexico, which can help patients get rid of the unsightly love handles.

If you are considering back lift surgery in Mexico, it is very important to be clear about your expectations and appearance goals.

Reveerts Approach to Back Lift Mexico

During your back lift surgery in Mexico you will first undergo medical examinations to evaluate your health status and to determine if you are physically and psychologically fit for back lift in Mexico. These examinations include lab work and a preoperative cardiac evaluation.

We will take some pre-surgery pictures to identify the areas of concern and will further advise on the recommended back lift treatments, details about back lift surgery in Mexico, including incisions and their located, risks of back lift surgery, pre-operative and post-operative care in Mexico, as well as back lift surgery recovery time.

Following your back lift consultation in Mexico, we will schedule your back lift surgery date in Mexico and you will be given the necessary information and instructions to be best prepared for your back lift surgery in Mexico.

Preparing for Back Lift Mexico

One Month before Back Lift Mexico
Stop taking medicines such as Aspirin and Vitamin E and any type of homeopathic remedies
If applicable, stop smoking completely
Exercise for at least 30 minutes— 4 times a week

One Week Before Back Lift Mexico
Attend pre surgical consultation, including before photos
Complete blood tests and cardiac evaluation
Receive post-operative indications

One Day before Back Lift Mexico
Do not ingest any food or drink after the time advised by your surgeon
Pack a bag with comfortable shoes and clothing, specifically clothing that zips or buttons
Drink fluids as directed for hydration
Do not drink alcohol
No painted nails

Morning of Back Lift Mexico
Shower or bathe normally
Do not use gel or any other product on the hair
Do not use makeup, facial creams or body lotions

Back Lift Mexico Aftercare

You will be given all medical garments and medicine which will include pain medication, anti-inflammatories and antibiotics.

We suggest that you have someone with you the first 24 to 48 hours after your back lift surgery in Mexico, as you may feel weak, sleepy or numb. Your movements should be slow and careful while avoiding strenuous effort and walking slightly bent forward at the hip.

Each patient is evaluated constantly in postoperative consultations. It is important to follow a healthy diet. Refrain from eating fatty or spicy foods, in order to avoid irritation of the stomach.

Staying well hydrated is also important and be sure to take the prescribed medications as outlined by your surgeon.  You will take antibiotics, analgesics and an anti-inflammatory for a period of 7 to 10 days.  Avoid being in very hot or unventilated areas. Keep away from direct sun exposure.  Be aware of your wounds and how they are healing as any unusual signs or symptoms must be evaluated on a continuous basis. Most patients experience the greatest amount of discomfort within the first 2 weeks.

Risks and Side Effects of Back Lift Mexico

Common risk factors of beck lift surgery are indicated in patients over 40 years, prolonged surgery, oral contraceptive use, smoking and obesity. It is also possible to develop vein obstruction in the legs (varicose veins).

If you have a chronic, degenerative disease such as diabetes, mellitus or hypertension, it is important to discuss this with your Reveert surgeon.

Some other risks of back lift include infection, hematoma or seroma, and necrosis. 

Back Lift Mexico FAQs

What type of anesthesia is used during Back Lift surgery in Mexico?

In most cases, the type of anesthesia used is an epidural block and sedation. Only in those cases in which previous medical conditions require general anesthesia will that be used in back lift surgery in Mexico. Each case is evaluated individually and will be recommended according to the needs of each patient.

How Long Does it Take to Recover from Back lift Surgery in Mexico?

Recovering from back lift surgery in Mexico will be gradual. Generally after the first week of your back lift surgery in Mexico, you can return to your normal activities. However, the first 4 weeks of back lift surgery in Mexico, you will need to limit strenuous physical activity as well as heavy lifting.

Will the incisions from Back lift surgery in Mexico be visible?

Plastic surgeons at Reveert take pride in using minimal incision in any given plastic surgery done under their supervision, to achieve the most natural-looking results. The location of the scars will be explained in the initial consultation of back lift in Mexico.

At the beginning, as with any scar, it is visible. In order to reduce the visibility of the scar, it is very important to follow all the after-care instructions you are given.  It is important to take care of your scars on a daily basis. It is also advised to avoid sun exposure for a couple of months, and use the healing products that are recommended to you so at the end of the process, you will have a very inconspicuous scar.

When Will I See the Final Results of Back Lift Surgery in Mexico?

Results of back lift surgery in Mexico are immediately seen after the surgery is completed. However, you will have a lot of swelling which will dissipate over the course of a few weeks after traveling to Mexico for back lift surgery.


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