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Body Contouring Post Weight Loss Testimonial - Linda - USA

"with Dr. Alejandro and felt very certain I had found my surgeon"

My name is Linda and I am a woman in my 60’s from the USA.  I began my transformation over a year ago when I decided to lose over 100 lbs, which I successfully completed through diet and exercise.  Once my weight loss was complete, although I was healthy and in shape, I had been left with tremendous sagging skin in my torso, buttocks and thighs that I knew could not be corrected no matter how much exercise I did.  So, I began my research.  Initially, I consulted plastic surgeons in the USA and found the cost just for a thigh lift was $25,000.  Being on a fixed income, I decided to look further, which is when I first found Reveert.

Initially, I made an inquiry through the internet and was contacted by Lori Payne, the International Patient Coordinator from Reveert, who provided some estimated pricing based on what my initial goals were, which was a thigh lift and lower body lift.  Well, needless to say, the prices were enticing but I really wanted to meet the doctor and see some before and after photos.  Luckily, Reveert does virtual consultations via Skype so a video conference as set up with Dr. Alejandro Enriquez de Rivera.  From that first conference, both my husband and I were impressed with Dr. Alejandro and felt very certain I had found my surgeon.  He showed me before and after photos of patients he had worked on with similar conditions and I was convinced further in his abilities so felt confident to move forward with scheduling a date for my surgery.

Upon arrival, other than a brief detour through the main hospital, the pre-op examinations (including a cardio evaluation) had already been scheduled in advance on the same day as my pre-surgery consultation.  I don't believe this could ever be accomplished in the USA but these exams were completed easily with no waiting and, I even got to practice my Spanish with the cardiologist!

Following the pre-op exams where I got the green light to move forward with my surgery, I met with Dr. Alejandro for my pre-surgery consultation wherein all of my last minute questions were answered and then the marking began for my surgery to begin early the next day.  I ended up doing a bit more than originally planned because, well, I wanted to be completely satisfied with my end result so went forward not only with the thigh lift and lower body lift, but had a tummy tuck, breast lift and implants as well.  Well, needless to say, Dr. Alejandro told me it was a lot of surgery to be done at one time but due to my good health and excellent lab results, I could do it!

Of course, I have no memory of the surgery itself but woke up in recovery and felt good.  I was moved to a private room in the hospital where my husband could also stay with me.  I stayed in the hospital for 3 nights and the hospital staff was excellent but I was anxious to be able to move back to the beautiful house we had rented in downtown Guadalajara.  The truth is, I was bored and although still definitely recovering, my energy was telling me to get up and go!

The aftercare is something I cannot say enough about.  Truly, there is nothing like it in the USA.  The doctor came in to check on me at least twice per day and Lori also came by to chat and check up on me.  Apparently, I am a model patient and they are trying to recruit me for training others on how to recovery so quickly.  The team at Reveert made everything easy and even gave me everything I needed for aftercare in one package (including a nurse to come daily to my house) so I had no stops to make on my way home.  But the final surprise came two days after arriving home when I had a question about an area on one of my incisions.  Not long after, Dr. Alejandro showed up at my door.  You could have knocked me and my husband over as we couldn't believe the doctor would come himself, to our house, on a Sunday to check on my question.

Although final results are not seen for several months after surgery, I am nothing but thrilled as to what I see so far and feel everyday is only going to get better.

For those who may question traveling to Mexico for a "medical vacation", I can without hesitation say I couldn't have completed my goals for the cost and with the care I received at any price in the USA and if I decide to have any more "revisions", I don't need to do any further research as Reveert will be the first and only call I make.


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