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Medical Tourism Mexico Testimonial - Lauri - USA

"better bed-side manner from all"

THE THINGS I LEARNED IN MEXICO during February 2011 Traveling is a learning experience in many ways, but we all know that Many of the things I have learned are about the culture, the people, the language and yet even more. What I would like to write about

HERE is WHAT I LEARNED FROM MY PLASTIC SURGERY IN MEXICO. First, it is much less expensive than in the states. but with the same expertise and professionalism from the staff, and a better bed-side manner from all, at least from my doctors. I also learned I could follow orders, stay out of the sun, don’t go to the bathroom without using a stool softener, and stay home and be still and know that god is god. I could go on but I wont. All this had previously been a problem for me. I learned not every recommendation for adjunct treatment was helpful at least for me, that includes the hyperbaric chamber. But it feels like I am smarter with all that oxygen going into my brain And I haven't taken my anti-depressants since getting the treatment. Mexico has a wider range of medical interventions than America.

One reason I ' d like to get rid of the FDA in America. Also the prices for surgery are less, as are the prices for medication. The higher prices in America are due to the malingering of the FDA , and the lack of malpractice suits. I learned I could think more, write more, draw more and be more quiet than I thought I could. Probably because I never sat still long enough before my mandated retirement eriod. Some of this was not as good as one would think, since I have a very divergent mind. Like my next plastic surgery might be to have my ears made smaller. No, I guess not. My husband threatens divorce if I even mention anymore surgery. I learned how very much I was loved by my husband , my friends, my neighbors, and my doctors. My surgery was invaluable for that alone. I was more calm and focused, maybe. This meant I could throw out my Ritalin, my Zoloft, and my Buspar so far anyway. I found I wouldn’t be bored by staying home if I invited people over, I thought I would be bored, but having people over helped a lot. I found a new way to stop procrastinating (stay home and do it or you will get bored).

When I stayed home I finished things. As a rule like all people who have a creative mind I was always multi tasking and leaving every project unfinished. The baby blanket I started for my first born forty five years ago will have to go to a grandchild of a friend if I ever finish it and if they like yellowed yarn. Not being able to bend down helped me find a new talent for flipping things up with my toes. My aim is getting good.

My next project will be to learn to type with my toes or nose or whatever. Something else invaluable I found out-- latex gloves with two ice cubes and water are better ice packs than frozen peas. Having such a divergent (or devious) mind led me to discover those frozen fingers can be used for many things. Scratching your ears, sticking it in you nose icing both eyes at the same time and when you really get bored you can suck on one of the frozen fingers. Not being allowed in the sun for two months, has made me a creature of the night, for two months----I like it! There are all kinds of things to do at night that I never knew. Telling my tale serves two purposes. One, maybe I can sell this article to help pay for the surgery. And, two everything written here contains things you have to follow as orders from the doctors for post-op care. Now they won't have to type up directions anymore. DEDICATED TO DRS. ALEJANDRO AND DR. NASHSHELLI


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